Hello new EV MII owner

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Hello new EV MII owner

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I am getting my new Electric Mii on Monday. We are really excited as it is our first foray in to the world of Electric cars. Not many Mii's around in the UK, they are hard to get hold of, but we managed it!

Our new pod point is being installed today too ready for our little car's adventures and my husband and I will suddenly be finding reasons to go out and about in the car. I am already planning to go to a gardening centre, not to buy something, but just for the laugh of getting there and back in an electric to get used to it!

An electric is going to be so much fun. I am hard of hearing, so the electric suits me perfectly, it has automatic gears and a working air con with warm seats. My daughter is not so impressed, she will like it too I reckon. We plan to use it for all our short journeys where we live and only use the petrol one for longer journeys.

We got to test drive one not far from where we live, but the dealers were not going to drop the price to something reasonable, so we went elsewhere and found one at a good price that was cheaper, less mileage and a better colour. It's a 20 reg so it is nearly new.

So here is to electric Mii's. :D
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Re: Hello new EV MII owner

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Seat MII ? Very nice !

Where did you get it from was it in the UK ?

Also can I ask how much your Pod Point cost to install ? Is it subsidized and what Kwh ?

Thanks :D