[NEWS] AI Cameras Catch Drivers Breaking The Law

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[NEWS] AI Cameras Catch Drivers Breaking The Law

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"An artificial intelligence (AI) camera system caught almost 300 drivers breaking the law during the first three days of its use in the UK.

The motorists were found to be using mobile phones or not wearing seatbelts.

The free-standing AI road safety camera is currently in use on the A30 near Launceston, Cornwall.

Although the cameras use AI to detect potential offences, all images are reviewed by a person, said Devon and Cornwall Police.

The system uses a number of cameras with high shutter speeds, an infra-red flash and a lensing and filtering system to record clear images of passing vehicles.

Those images are reviewed by the AI software with those identified as likely to contain evidence of an offence anonymised and sent for review by a person to confirm an offence has occurred."

[Link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cornwall-66508840 ]